Blog 4

For this blog I sat down with Barry and he answerd a couple of questions so I can understand their approach in the business a bit more.


Oriëntation in the business plan of the company

The company is officialy signed up as DSM design (Libility Company) with the registation number: 05587638

VAT-nummer: 6B423484360

T: +44 (0)345 500 4600

DSM, 262 Ringwood Road,

Poole, Dorset BH14 0RS UK

What is the mission and vision of DSM design? 

DSM design wants to create a visual impression that insures the client is possisioned at the top of their market.

“We do the best we can within the proamitor of the client.”


What is being done to strengthen the position on the market?

Customers mainly come to DSM through word of mouth. DSM design mainly use online sources to get their clients. They have an online portfiolio and use social media.

 • Quality • Trust • Relibility •  



Process of administration, from intake to invoice payment. 

Response or payment term

The payment term is 30 days. After 45 days our Financial director sends out E-mails and calls. If they don’t pay within 60 days we will call them again and if worse comes to worse we will have to put down the website. Usually if we do that they pay within a few days.

How are orders processed administratively?

“This goes through our Finantial Director Maria.” 

What is the process from intake till the invoice payment?

• Initial meeting

• writing a brief/specification

• Quote

• Purchase order number and send invoice for the first 25% 

  ( If this is a new client)

• Confirm is brief is correct

• Go through design concept stage. 

• Sign off the design with client and send invoice for second 25%

  (By regular clients this is the first 25%)

• Set up the Content Management System (CMS)

• Build initial 2/4 key pages. ( Home/content page)

• Show client and sign off

• Rest of structure and core pages and set up any 3rd party software.

3rd invoice 25%

• Content population

• Pass go live and live checks.

 (make sure google analitics work and getting the domain name)

Final payment 25% (30 days term)

How are quotations made and the invoice?

DSM uses a management system calles Harvest. It’s an online softwair. They have only been using this for 6 months because the previous business stopt trading.

How do the pre and post calculation work in the order process?

Estemates are based on experience and how much time we need. We have the ability to look at previous projects and see how much time they took because we record them all the time. Material costs could be for software or images. 

System of quotstion and invoice numbers.

All numbers are done by Harvest. The previous account software was Quick Books.


“This is all done automatically by Harvest.” ( see images )

Bank Details, Supply conditions, CAO

All bank detaills are done through Santandare. CAO is done by Hannah, she does the digital marketing. And the only supply conditions our that they pay.