Blog 5

It’s the end of my work experience. I have had a great time and have learned a lot! 

What have I learned at DSM design?

I have learned a lot at DSM. I improved my photoshop skills and learned a lot about how the business of graphic design. It isn’t just designing and fun. Most people don’t want to pay anymore and that is becoming a problem. You can only do what you have been asked so your creativity is limited.

What was new?

At my last work experience I did more print. DSM mostly does webdesign. This was a whole new world for me. I was never very interested in development but unfortunately there isn’t much work within print. I learnt how to use visual composer and this made building a webpage way easier. I had no idea that it even existed.

What have you found out about your own capacities?

I realised that I love to do the actual design. I love making logo’s and flyers ect. Development is not my biggest passion and because the interest isn’t really there on my part makes learning it very hard. So I think it’s best to just stick to designing.

Are the working processes achieved out of your PAP?

I have learnt how to design a concept with the wireframes from Insignia blinds and I have improved my photoshop skills. I now more about the business and understand it. So I feel like I have achieved my goals.

Have you accomplished your personal goals?

My personal goal had definitely been achieved. My spelling is a bit better and I have been checking small mistakes.

What feedback have you received from your colleagues?

I have had a lot of feedback from Brett because he was the one checking my work. He told me that I should make the research even bigger and shouldn’t focus on the details too quick. First of all I just have to make loads of ideas and then combine them together.


I have had a great work experience at DSM. I couldn’t be there as much as I wanted to because of personal issues. I however have learned a lot and am very thankful for the opportunity.


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