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About me

My name is Emy Bakker, I’m 20 years old and live in Noord-Scharwoude. I live with my parents, 2 sisters and a brother. My hobbies are designing and drawing. I also enjoy doing nice things with my friends and family.

On the 24th of February I started my work experience placement at DSM design in England. Before I started I went to DSM on the Friday to talk about further details and to introduce myself. Going to England to do my work experience is a big adventure so finding a workplacement where I would feel good was very important for me. When I came to meet the DSM team I felt at ease and very excited to start my first day. 

I expect to learn about  creating a design concept with heavy use of typography. I also hope to improve my photoshop skills so that bestoke images can be created to meet with the requirements of the design and web. 

Where I am

I am doing my workexperience placement at DSM design in Poole. I’ts a small design company in Poole. DSM has been in the business for over 30 years. DSM have provided professional website design and development services to businesses in Poole, Bournemouth, throughout the UK and further afield. They are up-to-date with the latest requirements to ensure that your new website is fully responsive and mobile optimised.

My company coaches are Barry Moore and Brett Miley. Barry is the one who started DSM design in 1986. Brett is the head designer of the company. 

This is their services:

• Web design


• Targeted Google Ads

• Email marketing

• Graphic Design

• Motion Graphics

This is a selection of their clients

• Harlees fish and chips

• Tivoli Theatre

• AGI Holding

• Bradley’s Frozen Fish

• Everything Airbrush

• Prestige Ticketing

My work environment. 

When you walk in there is a big office. You have an nice area where you can sit and have your lunch. In the back of the office there is a meeting room. in front of the meeting room there is a big desk. This is where we work. I sit at the left side and next to me is Brett to help me with any questions about design. In front of me there is Hannah who does the SEO. Next to Hannah is Barry. He helps me with all the questions about webdesign.

What I did in the first weeks:

DSM needs help with promoting their own work. This by helping them updating their website so I can learn the basics in WordPress and Visual Composer. First of all I had to do my research. I had to have a look at other design companies to see how they show their work. I made a whole page with all screenshots. Then I made a page that was a rough idea about what I wanted to show on the website with mockups and stock pictures. Then I made a different lay-out and made every detail and mockup as good as it could be.

Everytime I changed something I asked Brett for feedback and I would use that within my design. When I had the whole idea in one document I made it into a PDF and let Barry have a look at it. He thought it was very powerfull so he was going to teach me the next step: How to use visual composer. He sat down with me and told me all the basics I needed to now to make this porfolio page. Then after lots of notes and learning I started on the page. If I have any questions I go to Barry and he will explain it to me. 

What I’m going to learn: 


I want to learn how to create a design concept with heavy use of typography

Technical realisation:

I want improve my photoshop skills so that bespoke images can be created to meet with the requirements of the design and web. I also want a better understanding of how typography is used in the page layout.

Personal goal:

I want to concentrate more on little mistakes like spelling mistakes and I want to focus on having my files more organised.

Company’s learning goal:

To understand what the ethos of the business is and how to portray the company on their own website so that will encourage other businesses to use their services. It’s also important to understand the companies process and also the relationship of time to company income.

WP-1: Discuss the details

WP-2: Make a plan and do my research

WP-3:Keep an archive

WP-4: Make a concept

WP-5: Make a design

WP-6: Realiseren

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